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What to do in the studio-as-psychosis?

October 10, 2010

Without making the condition of being psychotic derogatory, the studio can be a safe place to loose the self, be bazaar, exhibit the changes you are going through.. its incorrigible! I have been a studio prone artist, as I work this way quite well. The flippant use of psychosis touches upon a popular use of these terms,  ‘mad’, ‘crazy’ (You should see me out on the town I’m a bit mad lah dee da) basically saying you want to lose control, to do something outlandish and brilliant, and not care.

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In this sense to not care is to be uncompromising, now there’s an artist quality of necessity. I always imagine many lose this quality after success directs there work towards the safety of the masses, not to their natural (possibly offensive or artistically alienating but, extraordinary) work. ‘It has been argued that psychosis is simply an extreme state of consciousness that falls beyond the norms experienced by most’. Often we see the work by the few who tap-in to this ideal I am talking about, but few documents really exhibit where the tapping-in happens (without intrupting the process of making or doing).

*[Even here in this mini-article, I have only a few studio and process snaps- others will be dug up soon, and other artists will feature. This is knowingly ignoring the question of if we actually want even more of everything we do documented].

What to do in the studio-as-psychosis?

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