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Sketchbook drawings, where something eclipses the finished product. -part1-

October 18, 2010

A small selection of pages which echo each other have been scanned in here. The thumbnail sketches lie between an actual desire for representing something, but often clearly edge over into the abstract or geometrical. This comment reminds me (loosely) of a the main fulcrum for artists such as Peter Doig and others. Their work seems to find an inherent abstraction within the image; for example, maybe through an abstract geometry in the composition, and/or when viewed closely the image disintegrates into its mark making and materiality.

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I often find myself closely attempting to capture the ease of movement in many sketches later on in larger more realised work. Lately I have been loosely sketching master works of art, for something in it inspires me, and I can learn from. All larger pieces of work seem only come about when I feel I am in it to learn.

Finally, I think what comes forth from these sketch book images is a desire to learn, a thirst for information (depth not breadth I hope!), acknowledging the fact that I don’t really know that much at all.

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