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Rich in oils and plastic in nature.. a source to lose the human race within.

October 26, 2010

This is an oil painting on a transparent plastic sheet, the oil paint just sits on top and the transparency of the paint and mediums used seem to illuminate the image. On one hand it has its source firmly in Western traditions of botanic and anatomic illustration, while on the other the image in reality seems like a coloured animation still from Disney or a Miyazaki film..To look further into the image, my interest lies somewhere in the mingling of organic parts- I do this a lot. The scientific studies which have gone on in order to bring us images of clarity have there own interesting aesthetic, and their own interesting history. Mixing the parts helps me question a kind of science fiction which goes on in my mind about the advancement of bodily/organic manipulation.. its potentialities, its beauties, and how we could possibly be ingested into its ostentatious organic overflow and loose ourselves completely. A body completely dispersed, yet in the ether of organic growth, mutation and flow, ‘ourself’ somehow remains in the body(s), spectacular and virtually metaphysical- this is beginning to sound like it has a certain spiritual inclination no doubt. And -importantly- a cross breeding of various current in-depth areas of study which are in contention.


*Note about the flower and anatomical drawing used here, usually I do my own from image banks, but these are derived from two well known illustrators in their respective fields.

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