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The further myths or facts of Crow.

November 17, 2010

‘Crow Country.’ Ink on paper (13x19cm approx). April’10
The following text is from a friend:
‘Thought you might find this amusing, given you’ve been drawing a lot of Crows recently, ironically often with no heads. Crows bearing a grudge never forget a face: Apparently unlike most other creatures, Crows can recognise individual human faces.
This is following a study in America where a man had in effect abducted a crow out of several flocks in parks around town. With the rest of the flock nervously watching, a man would creep up on a unsuspecting individual catch it in a net then release it after a few minutes. When the man then next visited the park where these crows lived, the flock would immediately  pick him out from the crowed and attack him. If other people wore a mask in the image of the original abductors face, (even long after the event), the crows would attack them to. Even if they wore the mask upside down the crows would still identify it by inverting their heads. They were not fooled by changes in cloths, hats or scarves!
: a woman who fed about 40 crows one winter. Was subsequently stalked by them.
They would wait outside her house everyday. Following her every morning on the walk to work.
Anyone else who came out the house they left alone.

:Another man who kept a pet Crow and walked outside in public with it.
Would be attacked by wild crows, even when the pet crow stayed at home.

Personally, I like that final excerpt of true crow comradeliness.  A species should look after its members.
‘Crows Surround’. Graphite on paper.2010. 95x90cm.
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  1. Anonymous permalink
    December 9, 2013 8:29 pm

    I’m looking to find out who is the artist who drew the final picture of crows? I think its great


  1. world poetry day / crow | gullsofbrighton

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