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Gravid Uterus Twin is in.

December 10, 2010
[Many thanks to those who got the chance to vote, my drawing has now been entered into the Birth Rites Collection! All the works in the growing collection relate to the potent topic dealt with by contemporary artists. to see all the works by fellow artists in various media].


The Gravid Uterus, as William Hunter might explain: is the state of the uterus in pregnancy, in this case nearing birth.
The drawing (below) is derived from historical and current anatomical imagery (namely, an illustration for William Hunter 1890), originally I intended eventually to paint into. Yet, my processes to deal with this sort of layering of  drawing within painting suddenly seemed less interesting. In fact, the drawing took on a different tone because it had began it in a different mentality altogether. Subject wise, during the making of the image a lot thoughts crossed my mind about embryonic division, cell divisions to twin divisions. The drawing plays with the idea of the foetal developing ‘recipe’, whereas the ingredients is only one part of the individuals becoming, the other is how it is ‘cooked’ – so to speak. Meaning what actions are taking hold during its rapid development, what stages are happening when. Other elements of the drawing indicate the foetal stage which highlights in gestation our non-difference, not only to the mammal kingdom, but the animal kingdom.


All of the knowledge above is learned from various sources, at various times, in various passings, in a non-academic environment. It seems to me at least, that there is a very current theme today where a mass of knowledge information is being learned by the masses via very accessible documentaries and popular science literature. The rigour of scientific correctness at times seems to become a play of rhetoric; taken in parts, summaries and conclusions with varying degrees of human error (both presenter and watcher) and personal interpretation/explanation—

–to bring you images like this one no doubt.


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  1. December 30, 2010 2:55 pm

    Congratulations with your entry, Gravid Uterus Twin is deserving. The attention to detail in this work is memorising with both the historical and current anatomical imagery in context. What I find most interesting is the thought process of divisions, the embryonic division, cell divisions to twin divisions and how this was incorporated into the drawing.

  2. December 24, 2010 7:20 am

    He was a designer woodcarver and draughtsman and it was through his influence that drawing was introduced in the schools of England and later in America. During the year spent in Vienna Hunter attended all sorts of art exhibits did some drawing and tried to get into another school where everything connected with the art of printing was taught.

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