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The Meta-Medical Problem

March 22, 2011

Here is an extract from an artistic project in progress. In this case, I can add scope by entering text alongside the extra-ordinary illustrative situations. To etch out these thoughts as I would a drawing or sketch. Descriptive and fictive devices provide a freedom while still remaining a recognizable formal framework. Every drawing, sculpture, painting and so on enter to this, becoming relevant toward this momentum, no matter how minuscule the entry may at first seem. Beyond the sum of its (/my) parts.

(P) Doctor: “Patient Behaviour”.

Patients with terminal conditions display many different behavioural patterns. Not all are negative, many patients exhibit extraordinary new attempts at friendship, enticing new friends and reuniting old ties, freshening up on moist reconciliation. The doctor restrained himself from noting: so that more people show up at the funeral.



The patient seems to want to tell someone something

The patient naturally fights and revels in wanting to tell someone, yet this proves the hardest transition to make emotionally. Intellectually difficult emotions. The words are predictable, the order of them is not. The sympathetic ear hears these difficult words, the impossible words nonetheless, (p) unsatisfied with the words changes their order and repeats; 1. catastrophic emotion hinders any further access to the true thoughts, this will be the first time time is wasted. This is another version of the mini-death, a relief ultimately played out as a disappointment to have been excreted out this mouth at all.

Prescription to situation:

(P) holds onto tension,

Tension and the life force are connected,

Either consciously or unconsciously,

Must be taken four times a day?

Fatigue ensues.

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