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Birth Rites Symposia

May 3, 2011
This is a two day event is exploring the potent theme of Birth, particularly with its  associations with the visual arts. I have the honour of being an artist speaker at the symposium for both venues. Initially given the opportunity with the entrance of my drawinGravid Uterus Twin into the expanding collection (pun intended:).
The Birth Rites Collection is holding two days of symposia to explore the
visual representations of childbirth. A range of academics, artists and
curator will discuss the social, political and artistic implications of work
around the subject of childbirth in contemporary art. There will be
discussion on: Sexuality and childbirth; Changing art practice post
childbirth; Taboos and censorship around the representations of childbirth;
The implications a lack of the representation of childbirth has on the
status of women within society; The male perspective on childbirth.

Speakers include Lisa Baraitser, Jemima Brown, Matt Collier, Dominique
Heyse-Moore, Helen Knowles, Martina Mullaney, Liv Pennington, Imogen
Tyler, Eti Wade, Johnathan Waller and Hermione Wiltshire.

The Whitworth Art Gallery - 9th May 2011, 10am.
The Whitechapel Gallery - 11th May 2011, 11am.

Find out more and get your tickets by going here:

 Detail: 'Gravid Uterus Twin'. Pencil on paper by Matt Collier.

Digital C type on Aluminium by Liv Pennington.
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