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June 18, 2011

Here are presented two pictorial deviations on the Medical Fictions. These two drawings are ‘interiors’ which have come about in the patients’/subjects’ perceptions. When there is a lot of time at hand -time is going to pass- then there is time to learn a new skill (such as drawing or painting); to look at an item in the room long enough, to finally open your eyes and see it. Or, in another patient, the time has been subject to the extent of what the body has been put through, what it has been through or what conditions are particular to them? If there is a prescription available, then what comes first: the fully manifested condition or its title?

The written fiction continue below the picture in red.

Self-Administering Infection

The doctor asks: “What do you see when you open your eyes now?”

“Lights on colours, I mean: any colour is light. Shapes connect the lines and curves between objects have all changed.”

“Your neutrophils are low.”

“How quickly do they recover? Can I continue?”

“Your body does weird things at the best of times.” he paused, “And what about the touch and touching sensations on your skin?”

“This is the issue which makes me so angry, its goes back to the change between lines and curves. It seems to me it is between the touching which is dangerous, it is when I get in the way. I harbour her smears and she continues to come closer, we multiply touching the invisible possibly infectious areas, we begin to lose count and control.”

“I do understand, if I was you it would be the same, its everywhere. The concern now is that there seems to be a split in your health condition at this point. We’ll soon have to make a decision.”

“Are you talking about the only other issue which I mean to raise, which is between the sink and the basin? I cannot stop my inclinations attracted towards the dangerous, so I smear my face around what looks like the most pristine clean basins and toilets. It’s the strangest cold feeling in this environment.”

“That initial relief would only add to further infection. It seems that from the plethora of results we obtained from the treatment and your condition, that it is clear you are mentally well and dealing with the situation better than we could have ever hoped. If there are more duality problems or questions about the relationship between particular things please tell us.

Although, it is obvious your mind is intact, the part we are going to monitor is your physiological splitting and unstable verbal excretions. We have found from some of the data collected your body does have a confusion; it seems to be a disconnection between comprehending the difference between love and infection.”

Sirens Rising Through the Midnight Melodrama

Hearing the distress call siren, I am touched to hear the frantic running down the hallways of tired people. I wonder what their role in this call is fated to be? Will everyone else get to the patient first or will you get there first realising you are in over your head? You ask yourself, will my role be to make a decision, to touch the blood or to merely bring the instruments? The siren is ringing and ringing so loud it disorientates, it attempts to stop the rational thinking, why does it do that when I run towards the fork in the hallway in this disorientated hallway, before I notice up ahead the peoples’ heads weeping in their hands?

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  1. Eva permalink
    June 18, 2011 6:48 pm

    The movement in the second sketch suggests that the patient is in pain, to me. I’m interested in your choice of representing limb movement, but leaving his head and core in stillness.
    I wonder what has been done within his middle. Addition of something mechanical?

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