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Gary Hume is gorgeous

August 3, 2011

I like the integrity I have witnessed with Gary Hume. As well as the beautiful simply of his methods of painting, straight forward, relying on image making and blocks of colour. Usually painting in oil gloss on aluminium, with the association of ‘beauty’ (a dangerous word in contemporary art) always nearby.

Water Painting (1999)

 He made a name for himself while young, while the YBA’s (Young British Artists) were ‘it’. This name he made for himself was through his ‘door’ paintings. I recall seeing an interview him years ago saying how he came to a point he couldn’t paint another one or he’d go mad. So in his change over to what he is still doing now- he was swiftly dropped by his gallery, who seemed much happier for him to go mad, as long as it sold paintings. His view was that he’d been poor before- so he could do it again (that won me over). I guess he had faith on what he was working on, and what he felt he could do.

 The Twins (2006)

Widow (1997)


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