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Myth of the scarecrow

July 2, 2014

Scarecrow with blue crow M.I. 2014.

The scarecrow has the ability to retain menace like an inanimate clown figure. It is impossible to avoid without great effort, images made by children or yourself will ultimately retain a psychological element of untrustworthy otherliness. A figure that just waits, in an aggressive stance, with our fear he may make a move in the night toward us at any time he wishes- or maybe a facial expression in our direction (doesn’t matter what expression).. but, the origin? The crow is such a clever bird, I have always found it hard to imagine they observe the scarecrow from a distance for hours and days without realising he is not alive. But then again, when we see humanoid figures such as mannequins, waxworks or film prosthetic characters deliver the same uncanny feeling (especially in the right light and setting).
Scarecrow 2014

This was off the top of my head, I embarked to paint in all innocence, merely painting an interesting figure (something my ‘eye’ realsied I could could tackle and for some unrealised reason wanted to make). He stands strangely like a mannequin in a field wearing the farmers clothes.

But, here there is the mythology to follow what you have seen:

1. ‘Scarecrows link to the planting and protection of crops and the changing of the seasons. In agrarian societies, Spring was celebrated as a time of resurrection – of life reborn after the dark winter. Sacrifice is bound up in this cycle. Winter kills that which grows, and breeds, until it is reborn in Spring. And for many societies existed the idea that some deity or power needed a gift to ensure the prosperity of the new season. The Vanir were a group of Norse gods connected with fertility that were associated with ritual sacrifice. Effigies representing the gods were erected, and is possibly where scarecrows originated. Scarecrows also possess attributes that lend themselves to being scary. They look human but are expressionless.’  ~superwiki.

scarecrow M.I.

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