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Mural in Buenos Aires

March 1, 2016
matt collier b

Mural number one Buenos Aires.

My travels started in Rio. ‘One travels to find ones self´’, many of us have a twist on that statement when we travel. For me I like to think I had a vague idea of what I wanted this to be all about when I started. In reality within little time, fantastic isolation, passing mountains, lakes, clouds, volcanos, salt flats, ruins and people -both beautiful and sometimes disturbing- I had lost myself. Again.

By chance my trip to Buenos Aires ended up making a mural in the Rock Hostel thanks to the So’s idea of finding a traveling artists to create while there. My mural making continued to Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, México.

Now on my slick mural website, to continue the contracts and conversations (en español también), making proposals to a wall near you. With a humble title:



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